The Austin Board of REALTORS® is committed to proactively protecting brokers’ listing data and improving the quality of property information available to Austin-area homebuyers and sellers. After April 2014, ABoR will only offer syndication to websites that agree to data integrity standards that ensure brokers’ listing data is used and displayed in a responsible and ethical manner.  This decision was made to protect the integrity of Austin-area property information, address concerns about the business practices of non-REALTOR® consumer websites, and to mitigate issues caused by inaccurate listing data in the home buying and selling process.

After April 30, 2014, brokers will choose independently whether to provide data to non-REALTOR® consumer websites as dictated by clients’ and agents’ best interests. ABoR encourages brokers to use the information and resources on this website to make informed, deliberate decisions about syndication.